Meet Naz Aminian, MSN

Nas Solo.jpg

Naz Aminian, has a masters in nursing and public health.

Patient care is her most important priority as well as providing personal

and hands on care all in a medical and anesthetic environment.

Naz left Iran and the comfort of being with her family and friends in 2005 to pursue

her career in the US. 

Naz worked as a Pharmacy Tech at CVS for five years before getting involved in

cancer research at Cal State Northridge University. She got her bachelors in biology

between 2008 and 2013, her Masters in Nursing in 2015 and is presently and proudly

a Family Nurse Practitioner. 


Naz loves to travel, play tennis, loves all things associated with fashion and enjoys jewelry design.

She is married with two daughters, Perla and Elva

Naz continues to strive to serve her community and deliver excellent clinical care.

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